What is QuickWIC?

buy Pregabalin Lyrica online QuickWIC is a fully automated mobile app for iOS and Android that presents WIC benefits in real time to participants. QuickWIC connects to the back-end WIC agency to deliver seamless content that is always accurate and always refreshed.

site link Our app puts WIC services in the hands of mobile mothers.

The result is a more knowledgeable and pleasurable experience for the participant that eliminates frustration at the point of sale, streamlines the interaction for the retailer, and supports real-time communication for the WIC agency.

Who needs QuickWIC?

strattera online no prescription QuickWIC offers a low-cost and easy-to-implement mobile solution for WIC agencies. Mobile phones are an indispensible tool for today’s young mothers. QuickWIC lets WIC agencies connect with these participants on a daily basis.

QuickWIC improves the WIC experience by empowering mothers to check their benefit balance, available product list, and nutrition advice. For a detailed list of features, see the Feature Page.


Who's Eligible for QuickWIC?

QuickWIC is designed to be the go-to mobile app for WIC agencies. It’s pre-configured to work with your local agency’s IT platform. The technology is ready for the three State Agency Model IT systems (SPIRIT, Mountain Plains, and Crossroads) and can be customized for any one-off MIS system as well.