Texas WIC calls mobile “the only way to go”

Smartphones for WIC: the featured article in the Texas WIC newsletter

Texas WIC News: cover of the September/October issue featuring Smartphones and WIC.

The new Texas WIC newsletter features an article on smartphones and their future in WIC. The article says it’s time to develop a mobile platform that promotes health, improves WIC shopping, and connects to the younger generation. We agree on all points! See these quotes from the article and click the link to read in full:

“The ‘why’ WIC reaches out hasn’t changed; we’re just modernizing the ways in which we do so.”

“it’s all working towards improving Texas families’ environments so they can make smart, healthy choices — with a little nudge from technology”

“The gap in technology usage between Americans based on race, ethnicity, and income has narrowed considerably in the last five years.”

“digital technology … is one of the best tools to change our behavior for the better … The key to using persuasive technology to improve health is to make the behavior so simple that it feels silly not doing it, so we stay motivated for the harder choices that come along.”

Clink to the newsletter: http://www.dshs.state.tx.us/wichd/gi/wicnews/2014SeptOct.pdf [pdf]

Happy reading!

Maxwell Thayer

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