Features For All Needs

Click This Link We want to take care of all WIC agencies. That’s why QuickWIC has three tiers of service. Each tier can be customized to cater to the needs of your WIC agency. The tiers are: Live Benefits, Education & Content, and Communication. Here is a gallery to showcase our features and benefits.

Never Be In Doubt

http://oceanadesigns.net/images/granite/golden-crystal/golden-crystal-t.jpg Let mothers see their benefit balance in a single glance. Our innovative Live Benefits feature delivers benefits in a highly visual, easy-to-comprehend list. This list is refreshed live and always accurate. Mothers no longer need to worry about going past their balance OR leaving benefits on the table.


Scan Items In Store

Use the camera on your smartphone to instantly verify product approval. This tool takes the guess work out of picking WIC-approved items. Mothers are freed from the inconsistencies of retailer stickers and shelving. Now they can verify products they want to try.

Find New Products

Discovering new WIC products is easy with our Approved Product catalog. Easy to read product images show mothers exactly what’s approved for purchase without going to the register. No more scanning the cheese aisle for WIC stickers, just browse the catalog and pick what you want.

Get Live Nutrition Coaching

The smartphone is the prefect medium for sharing nutrition tips and tricks with participants. Deliver pertinent content right to the mother’s phone via product links and downloads. In our Education & Content tier, QuickWIC can help mothers identify what’s missing in their diet, so they can better care for their families.

Get Help On-Demand

Many WIC mothers use their smartphones to call agency phone lines. We can save the mothers AND the agency time and energy by implementing a simple 2-way chat tool. Let one staffer manage over 10 conversation threads while they provide live support to WIC mothers in store. Also use this tool to send appointment reminders and critical program messaging.

Learn More

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