Our Mission

We are dedicated to ending the scourge of malnutrition afflicting the nation’s youngest and most vulnerable children by intelligently applying smartphone technology.

buy Lyrica online ireland Nutrition is a critical factor for healthy pregnancies and early childhood development – yet, 20% of American children risk exposure to hunger. This food disparity impedes childhood development, compromises lifelong outcomes, and places a drain on society.

Tadalafil Oral Strip Fortunately, the infrastructure to tackle the problem is in place. It’s called the WIC program (Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children) and it’s authorized by an act of congress to spend $8.8 billion on food for new mothers and children. Despite its potential, WIC only serves 60% of the eligible population. The missed opportunity stems from an antiquated benefit experience, which leaves mothers scratching their heads while they struggle to discern benefits from slips of receipt paper.

more tips here The solution is WIC on the smartphone. Our new technology empowers mothers to view benefits without guesswork or arithmetic. The glossy mobile interface updates benefits in real time and erases the frustration that has stigmatized the program in the past. The result is a simpler, friendlier, and faster WIC.

By embracing our mobile solution, WIC steps into the 21st-century and rises to meet to the technology expectations of millennial mothers – ensuring healthy outcomes for the next generation of Americans.

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